For over twenty years we have built up a reputation for quality and service which is second to none.


Our system of automatic gates has a proven track record for strength and reliability. It is available for commercial and domestic use and can be used in many different situations and applications. For private houses the underground electro-mechanical system will not be beaten. It comes in 2 versions;

Type 1; can operate double gates up to 1.2 tones and Type 2; up to 1.6 tones

This level of power allows for a high level of spare capability. This means the automatic system is not under pressure and therefore its lifetime is extended. 2 handheld remotes come as standard with the system.

Optional extras 

- GSM Modul ( more info here )
- Audio or visual intercom.
- Battery backup in the event of electricity outage.
- Digital keypad or key switch.

There is the option of opening your gates by simply flashing your headlights on your car, 50 to 80 metres from the gate. This system only operates on cars to which an incar-unit is installed.